The Paper Chase

The Paper Chase

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Program length 32 minutes
Topics: Time Management, Cleese, John Library, Video Arts, ...

To show staff how to be more organized, efficient and effective in the way they handle paperwork.

People must control paperwork, not let it dominate them. The video demonstrates that an office worker swamped by paper doesn't think it's a problem. She's convinced she needs it close at hand to do her job. Her manager helps her change her ways by showing that there are only four types of paperwork:

Paper you have to do something about
Paper you have to pass on
Paper you have to keep
Paper you can dispose of

Key Learning Points

  • An ideal way to motivate staff as part of your own 'clear-desk' day
  • Simple, practical approach to dealing with paperwork
  • Humorous illustration of a real and common problem

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  • E-Learning (call for pricing)

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What's Included DVD, course leader's guide, delegate worksheets, PowerPoint slides, and self-study workbook on disk.
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