Generational Differences

Generational differences sometimes result in conflicts in the workplace. In a diverse environment that includes people of different ages with different communication styles and life experiences, signals can get crossed, and opportunities to learn from one another missed.

Human Resources managers value diversity training that specifically addresses generational differences and how to respond to them. Generation-specific training results in less friction and increased productivity, as well preventing age-based discrimination claims.

ATS Media provides the best and most up-to-date videos, DVDs, eLearning, and online courses available that focus on generational differences. And we are experts at helping HR navigate the range of employee and manager training options.

Private-sector, government, educational, and not-for-profit organizations know the importance of training their personnel to prevent age discrimination and bias from occurring in their settings. We provide a range of training options that offer a positive approach to working with people of different generations, and also address legal liability and compliance issues.

Contact ATS Media for training that emphasizes respect and appropriate behavior in today’s diverse workplaces.

“We must treat each other, no matter what stereotypes we encounter, perceive, or believe, with respect, dignity, compassion, and flexibility.”

From Please Respect My Generation!™

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