Order Policies


Free online or mailed previews are for purchase or rental consideration only and cannot be used for training purposes. Preview videos are exactly the same as the purchase or rental versions in length and content; they are the full-length, complete program. The one difference is that they contain a sub-title that indicates the preview policy, stating that the program is for evaluation only. Returns are not accepted because all programs are available for full length preview online or by DVD.

Special Bids and Quotes

Please include Advanced Training Source on your bid list. For large volume purchases, E-mail, telephone, fax or mail your quote. Please allow us at least 6 hours by E-mail or fax and seven (7) days if your quote must be sent via mail.

DVD and USB Terms and Conditions

DVDs and USB Flash Drives are copy protected, so that the electronic files on them cannot be removed. The license for these products lasts forever, however they can only be shown on one monitor at a time at one location at a time. They cannot be broadcast over the internet or your company's internet. They can be played on a computer and projected to a large audience in one room or on a large monitor through a DVD player.

If you need to broadcast a course over your organization's intranet, place the file on your server or place the program in a learning management system, please contact us directly by phone or email to discuss an online license.