Documentation is an organized, written record, and it plays an important role when it comes to legal liability.

Good documentation of workplace conflict and efforts to resolve it provide a historical record, description of events, and clarification. In the event of a lawsuit, documentation will be used in court, and so employees and managers should know when it’s appropriate to document something, and how to do it.

Human Resources departments appreciate the importance of good documentation to protect their organizations from liability. ATS Media provides up-to-date training videos, DVDs, eLearning, and online courses that address documentation in the workplace. And we are experts at helping HR navigate the employee and manager training options.

Private-sector, government, educational, and not-for-profit organizations know the importance of documenting conflict in the workplace. We offer training that explains how to approach documentation and what should and should not be included in it.

Contact ATS Media for training that emphasizes respect and legal compliance in today’s culturally diverse workplaces.

“When it comes to employee behavior problems, make notes that are job-related, specific, and include dates and times. Imagine your notes being scrutinized by a jury; good documentation can be the deciding factor in a lawsuit.”

From Discipline, Documentation, & Termination — the “TAKEAWAY” for Managers™

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