Focus Your Vision

Dream the dream.

Focus Your Vision

How can we find our direction, our purpose? When we combine our energy and passion with our focused visions, we give ourselves direction and power. Dewitt Jones, author of the best selling training videos Everyday Creativity and Celebrate Whats Right With The World, encourages us to develop our visions and turn them into reality. When we connect with our visions, and in doing so, release our passion; we have a better understanding of who we are, what we stand for, and where were going. Dream the dream, find that extraordinary vision, and keep it in focus. ~Dewitt Jones, Focus Your Vision

Key Learning Points

  • Keep Your Vision Focused
  • Stop, Look, and Listen
  • Hold On To The Best, Let The Rest Fall Away
  • Trust Your Intuition
  • It’s Not Trespassing To Go Beyond Your Own Boundaries
  • Make Your Vision Big Enough
  • Do You Have Juice In Your Camera

Support Materials

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Title Focus Your Vision
Program length 20 minutes