Need Content for Your Training?

Look no further! The ATS Media Resource Library provides easily accessible, affordable, customizable content for use with your organization’s own training programs.

Augment your PowerPoint or other training with our live-action vignettes, set in a variety of industries and locations, and help illustrate and communicate your message. Use our quizzes to underscore your information and evaluate employees’ knowledge.

Our library consists of video clips, full-length videos, and facilitation and participant materials for a range of topics, including harassment and sexual harassment, diversity and inclusion, ethics, personal performance, and teamwork, with an eye toward legal compliance. Just download and plug our content to enhance or update existing training programs or use our content to create new eLearning and PowerPoint Presentations.

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Our engaging, informative content runs on all platforms and on mobile devices, too. You’ll be surprised at how easy and impactful it is to use the ATS Media Resource Library—after all, we’ve already done the hard part!