Winning Presentations For Make or Break Moments

For Make or Break Moments

Winning Presentations is a premier story-based presentation development program designed to help anyone create more compelling presentations, improve their ability to deliver those presentations with dynamism, and increase confidence as a speaker.

Winning Presentations: For Make or Break Moments Video

Giving a presentation: some of us love it, some of us don't. But for most of us, we are constantly presenting to others, whether one-on-one, to a group, or an audience.

Authors Dean Hyers and Pete Machalek, have helped thousands of people improve their presentation skills through a method they call story structure. Winning Presentations For Make or Break Moments follows the experience of two clients as they learn to develop a clear message and dynamic delivery style.

Fast moving and easy to watch, this program will entertain as it teaches practical, real-world skills.

Key Learning Points

  • Organize their thoughts and ideas
  • Speak to the interests of their audience
  • Transform anxiety into presentation fuel
  • Connect with their audience
  • Generate confident and dynamic body language
  • Lead their audience where they need to go

Support Materials

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USB and DVD formats available.

Multi-language versions available.

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Title Winning Presentations For Make or Break Moments
Program length 22 minutes