Life's Lessons: Teamwork

Beautiful 3 minutes on teams.

Program length 3 minutes
Topics: Meeting Openers, Teams, ATS Media Programs

Simple, inspiring and thought-provoking wisdom from across the ages is presented by gentle and visually arresting animation and moving music. Lifes Lessons: Teamwork is a positive look at how teamwork can not only help us as individuals, but can bring us all together to do the very best we can.  Highly recommended for organizations who need to work together at their top form and attitude! Plus, each Lifes Lessons program can be viewed three different ways: Full program with music and narration. Music only (no narration). Continuous play of the core material with music that will repeat as long as you need it.  Great for video wallpaper to enhance meetings or conferences.

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What's Included DVD (includes Full program with music and narration, Music only (no narration)& Continuous play options.
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