Valuing Our Workplace Complete Set

A Two Part Program

Two 4 minute programs for self-development.

Valuing Our Workplace video training DVD and streaming.

DOING OUR PART:  This 4-minute program is an introduction to understanding our own and responding to others verbal and non-verbal signals, using Compassion, Unity, Empathy,  and Sharing. A short but comprehensive and powerful tool, DOING OUR PART teaches us about communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and productivity. This unique and visually arresting program emphasizes the personal responsibility we all share for creating a unified and respectful workplace. A LOOK INSIDE OURSELVES:  A 4-minute stand-alone or companion piece to DOING OUR PART, this program reinforces the concepts of Compassion, Unity, Empathy, and Sharing, but is unique in that it asks us to examine our own roles in creating a unified, productive, and happy workplace. This program is a great jumping off point for both personal introspection and serious discussion. Beautiful and uplifting, A LOOK INSIDE OURSELVES opens the door to productive discussions about our individual contributions and responsibilitiesin the workplace and in life.

Key Learning Points

  • Compassion
  • Unity
  • Empathy
  • Sharing

Use our LMS or your own platform for individual Self-paced eLearning/Streaming.

Multi-language versions available.

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Title Valuing Our Workplace Complete Set
Program length 8 minutes