Problem Solving & Decision Making: Achieving Desired Results

Problem Solving & Decision Making: Achieving Desired Results
This course is designed to assist participants in exploring the best practices for problem solving & decision making. It demonstrates how effective problem solving and decision making can benefit leaders, their employees and the entire organization.

Key Learning Points

  • To show participants how to define problems by identifying the root cause.
  • To teach participants how problem solving and decisions making work together.
  • To demonstrate how to solve problems and make decisions by following six essential steps including analyzing the problem, brainstorming solutions, making the best decisions and following through by monitoring results.
  • To understand how to creatively solve problems through the use of various techniques.
  • To demonstrate the ability to evaluate solutions in order to choose the best idea that will yield measurable Results.
  • To show participants how documenting their problem solving process will benefit them in the future.

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Title Problem Solving & Decision Making: Achieving Desired Results
Program length 24 minutes

DVD, Leader's Guide and Reproducible Workbook