Ouch! Bundle

These two programs will help the bystander learn how to speak up and help stop demeaning behavior.

The Ouch! Bundle

OUCH! That Stereotype Hurts

Why is OUCH! important?

Staying silent in the face of demeaning comments, stereotypes or bias allows these attitudes and behaviors to thrive. This undermines our ability to create an inclusive workplace where all employees are welcomed, treated with respect and able to do their best work.

Yet most employees and leaders who want to speak up don't know how. So, we say nothing.

Key Learning Points

  • Understand the impact of stereotypes and biased statements, even when casually said
  • Identify the most common reasons people sit silent in the face of bias and stereotypes
  • Enhance skills for speaking up against stereotypes without blame or guilt

Ouch! Your Silence Hurts

Many people say they want to speak up when they see others stereotyped, disrespected, or demeaned. But they stand by silently because of discomfort or the fear of saying the wrong thing. They may turn away thinking who am I to get involved, this isn't my business. In fact, as a bystander, you ARE part of the conversation. You are the audience. Your silence allows the disrespectful behavior to continue. Your silence hurts.

Ouch! Your Silence Hurts challenges viewers by asking, "How will you personally respond next time you witness somebody being treated with disrespect? You have a choice: Passive Bystander or Pro-active Ally." In a powerful and compelling way, this 9-minute video motivates bystanders to use their voice to speak up for respect on behalf of someone else.


Key Learning Points

  • Understand the high cost of silent collusion
  • Explore the power of the bystander to make a difference
  • Inspire passive bystanders to use their voice as active allies

Support Materials

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@ $1,100.00 each
Title Ouch! Bundle
Program length 39 minutes

Leader's Guides, Powerpoint presentations, 1 OUCH! book & 10 OUCH! reminder cards