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Defining Respect in Healthcare

Learn compassion and consideration in healthcare.

Program length 22 minutes
Topics: Diversity, Respect, Healthcare

Help all employees experience, first hand, the critical role respect plays in ensuring compassionate and effective healthcare! This compelling program immerses participants in a unique learning experience that explores how unconscious mindsets and hidden biases impact both patient and coworker interactions. It outlines a straight-forward protocol that can be used to help avoid or resolve situations before they negatively impact quality of care.

This program features the C.A.R.E. model:

C - Consider before you act
A - Accept differences in others
R - Respect others' feelings
E - Engage in the process

Key Learning Points

  • Defines cultural competence and its importance in healthcare settings
  • Helps employees recognize how mindsets and hidden biases influence workplace interactions
  • Introduces the framework C.A.R.E. (Consider, Accept, Respect, Engage)

Support Materials

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