How Was Your Day?

This program draws employees in AND GETS THEM TALKING ABOUT how to recognize and understand their workplace responsibilities in the areas of unconscious bias, diversity & inclusion, harassment and bullying.

Program length 26 minutes
Topics: Diversity, Harassment, Bullying, ...

“How was your day?” is a standard question posed at the end of the work day.  Rather than a stock employee response, “How Was Your Day?” uses memorable scenarios that inspire employees to openly discuss the often-avoided difficult topics and recognize their workplace responsibilities regarding:


  1. Overcoming unconscious bias 
  2. Embracing diversity and inclusion 
  3. Stopping harassment 
  4. Standing up to bullying 


As the full-length preview demonstrates, "How Was Your Day?" is almost like getting 4 films for the price of 1. The 4 topics of unconscious bias, diversity & inclusion, harassment and bullying are presented in separate modules. You can cover them all in one session, or choose to tackle them one or two at a time.  A diverse cast and wide range of workplace settings make the film extremely relatable and relevant to all types of viewers: from employees and supervisors to executives; for new hires and seasoned employees; and across any industry or government agency.

Key Learning Points

  • Unconscious bias – what it is and how to overcome it
  • Diversity versus Inclusion 
  • The “Rebuttal Brain” – how turning it off helps us listen to different ideas and opinions 
  • Practical ways to build inclusion, including using the W.E.T. test
  • An explanation of hostile work environment harassment 
  • Control tactics of bullies and what to do about them—whether the target is us or a co-worker


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What's Included Leader's Guide, PowerPoint, 10 Handbooks and 40 Pocket Cards
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