Government Employee Training Series

5-Part Series

The five videos in this series cover important themes applicable to all government workers.

Government Employee Training Series
Whether you are part of local, county, state, or even the federal government, this series is perfect as an orientation program for new employees, or as a refresher for current employees. The five videos in this series cover important themes applicable to all government workers.  By the end of each program new employees understand clearly the conduct the public expects of them, and experienced employees see for themselves if they are still as professional as they thought they were.
Customer Service
Employees learn the importance of giving basic respect to everyone and how to create a positive work atmosphere. They are asked meaningful questions to help determine for themselves if they are providing the customer service they know they should. (12 minutes)

Dealing With Difficult Citizens
Five situations government staff members have faced, from the beginning of the incident to its conclusion are followed. Included are explanations of how to assess the situation, how to position yourself, how to interact with the other person and how to slowly take control of the situation. (10 minutes)

Government Ethics
This video examines the ethical principles common to all government codes of ethics. Through realistic situations, employees learn the ethical practices expected of them and are questioned about how well they are meeting those expectations. (11 minutes)

Professional Conduct
The citizens expect their government agencies to be run efficiently and professionally. Employees see what it takes to be a professional staff member and are asked questions to see if they are following the conduct expected of them. (11 minutes)

Preventing Accidents
While new employees are learning what every government employee must do to prevent work-related injuries, experienced employees are being asked if they are still doing what they know they should be doing. (10 minutes)


Key Learning Points

  • Provides relevant training for public employees
  • Helps employees succeed
  • Improves relations with citizens