Professional Conduct

Government Employee Training Series

Professional conduct training for government employees.

Professional Conduct

Through realistic scenarios, this program explains to government employees that in order to be a professional staff member, they must be a law abiding citizen and must understand what it means to display a professional demeanor.

In separate discussions, employees learn what it means to be businesslike, the importance of respecting government property, what the citizens expect when it comes to being sober, being moral and being honest and why it is important to obey legitimate orders.

Employees are told that when they begin holding these standards for themselves, they, too, will be among the thousands of staff members who take real personal pride in conducting themselves according to the highest standards of professional conduct.

Key Learning Points

  • Sets parameters of acceptable behavior
  • Explains what citizens expect
  • Inspires professionalism

USB and DVD formats available.

Multi-language versions available.

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Title Professional Conduct
Program length 11 minutes