Harassment-Prevention Essentials

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Harassment-Prevention Essentials

The aptly named Harassment-Prevention Essentials is a short but comprehensive program that covers the essential information all employees need to have about what harassment is and how to prevent it. With its easy-to-understand definitions, specific examples, and tips, Harassment-Prevention Essentials, in just 10 minutes, provides enough key information to maintain a respectful and legally compliant workplace.

 Harassment-Prevention Essentials includes important nuances of legal compliance, with examples of nonsexual quid pro quo harassment as well as more easily recognizable illegal behaviors and infractions of standard organization policies.  It explains the “reasonable person standard,” and emphasizes the need to communicate about harassment issues in a respectful way. 

Religious, transgender, bullying, and online harassment are some of the up-to-date topics covered. The program offers commonsense guidance for preventing and dealing with workplace harassment. Harassment-Prevention Essentials includes a useful leader’s guide with both discussion questions and quiz. Highly recommended! 

  •        Legal definitions of harassment
  •        Sexual harassment
  •        Who is legally protected and why
  •        Examples of harassment and abusive conduct
  •        The consequences of harassment
  •        Appropriate responses to harassment

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Title Harassment-Prevention Essentials
Program length 10 minutes