Feel Good at Work: Tools for Depression

Powerful, engaging workplace wellness video provides helpful tips for all employees, to feel their best and be more productive.

Feel Good at Work: Tools for Depression

Workplace depression is one of the biggest threats to employee productivity, causing absenteeism, conflict, employee turnover and more. Employees with depression missed an average of 27 work days per year, according to Harvard University.

The cost of workplace mental health issues is skyrocketing. A study of 10 major companies revealed depression is the #1 most expensive employee health condition. The total economic burden of depression is more than $210 billion per year.

Presenting Feel Good at Work: Tools for Depression training video. This powerful workplace wellness video provides helpful tips for all your employees, whether depressed or just occasionally feeling the blues.

Some 80 percent of employees treated for mental health problems report improvements in productivity and jobs satisfaction, according to the Center for Workplace Mental Health.

In this engaging corporate wellness video, you’ll discover powerful lifestyle tools that can help enjoy a better mood, higher productivity and more. Get tips to help you feel better at work and improve cognition, get increased energy and be more productive at work. Find out how you can build better work relationships and just feel better, at work and away.

You’ll receive valuable tips from experts and real people: exercise, diet, nutrition, mindfulness, cognitive tools and more. Tools explored include exercise and yoga, diet and nutrition, meditation and mindfulness, positive thinking and cognitive tools, building relationships and more.

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Title Feel Good at Work: Tools for Depression
Program length 35 minutes