Character in Action

The United States Coast Guard on Leadership

Best-selling author Donald T. Phillips demonstrates the highest qualities of leadership.

Character in Action

Best-selling author Donald T. Phillips ("Lincoln on Leadership") demonstrates the highest qualities of leadership, and how to apply them, using the shining example of the United States Coast Guard.

Viewers of this informative and uplifting film will focus on three major strategies for exercising leadership that maximizes the productivity and smooth sailing of any organization. First, they will learn to create the culture of the organization. This culture of common values, customs, and beliefs determines how people interact with each other to achieve their mission.

Second, viewers will learn to guide their charges to promote team over self. Studies have shown that when an average group works together as a team, they achieve one-third more productivity. Imagine what your above-average group can do!

Third, viewers will learn to instill in their people a bias for action. Great leadership organizations are constantly changing. Through ongoing decisiveness, empowerment, and giving people in the field priority to act on their own initiative, leaders create a can do culture of optimism and action.

Key Learning Points

  • Understand that an organization’s core values can lay the groundwork for an environment that nurtures leadership.
  • Identify qualities to look for when selecting team members.
  • Recognize the key elements of teamwork.
  • Appreciate that organizations can be successful by empowering people to make decisions.
  • Watch the United States Coast Guard put these leadership qualities into action – and then apply them to your organization to maximize productivity and effectiveness.

Multi-language versions available.

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Title Character in Action
Program length 23 minutes

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