It's A Wonderful Life: Leading Through Service

It's A Wonderful Life: Leading Through Service

CREATING A WONDERFUL LIFE AT WORK BY LEADING THROUGH SERVICE What a rare combination. One of the greatest movies of the century and one of the most respected management thinkers in the world-together for the first time! Dr. Margaret Wheatley, author of Leadership and the New Science, interprets It's A Wonderful Life, the classic film starring Jimmy Stewart. By discovering the possible behavior George Bailey, the hero of the movie, and his contributution to his community, trainees will internalize the fundamental ingrediants of Servant Leadership and help make your organization even more wonderful and successful.

Key Learning Points

  • Encourage maximum potential through trust & caring
  • Everyone can be a leader who serves
  • Small acts of kindness make a big impact
  • Benefit form your natural impulse to help
  • Create a legacy by being available to others

Multi-language versions available.

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Title It's A Wonderful Life: Leading Through Service
Program length 21 minutes

DVD, Facilitator's Guide & Participant Exercises