OpeningLines Series

These four short programs can be used as new-employee orientation tools or as meeting openers.

OpeningLines Series video training on respect, diversity, generations and harassment.

These four short programs (each one between three and five minutes) can be used as new-employee orientation tools or as meeting openers or closers for any harassment, respect, generations or diversity training. Perfect for a quick and concise refresher course for your organization's anti-harassment policy or to just introduce the fundamental and important concepts of respect, diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Key Learning Points

  • Learn the different types of harassment and their negative ramifications.
  • Through legal definitions, learn the negative consequences of various types of harassment.
  • Fully understand what stereotypes are and are not. Learn how stereotypes affect others and ourselves. Learn how to recognize them and stop negative behavior.
  • Explore the benefits and rewards of a diverse organization in ways you may have never considered! The world has changed, and because of the global marketplace, diversity is even more important than ever.
  • Learn how each generation is identified and defined.

Use our LMS or your own platform for individual Self-paced eLearning/Streaming.

Multi-language versions available.

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Title OpeningLines Series
Program length 3 to 5 minutes each

Four DVDs