Let's Talk . . . Respect—It Matters

This 9 minute program is an excellent guide to respect and professionalism in the workplace.

Let's Talk . . . Respect—It Matters training video

Let's Talk . . . Respect—It Matters, which focuses on how professionalism contributes to a respectful workplace, is part of the popular Lets Talk Series of concise but comprehensive stand-alone programs. It can be difficult to define respect. The advantage of this program is the way that it equates respect in the workplace with professionalism, in an easy-to-understand way.

This concise course, with its examples of appropriate, respectful behavior versus that which is unprofessional and unproductive, clearly shows the difference between commonly held standards of professionalism, organization policy, and the law.

An excellent guide to respect and professionalism in the workplace, the program both engages the viewer and effectively educates. Its a great tool to help achieve a happy, productive, and legally compliant workplace.

Key Learning Points

  • How to employ professionalism as an expression of respect.
  • Examples of disrespectful behavior in the workplace like stereotyping, gossiping, bullying & harassment.
  • Expressions of a respectful workplace like using a person’s name & asking for someone’s input.

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Multi-language versions available.

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Title Let's Talk . . . Respect—It Matters
Program length 9 minutes