Time Management 1, 2, 3

Time Management 1, 2, 3

Time Management 1, 2, 3 lays out the three keys to successfully managing one’s time at work, whether on-site or at home: Focus, Prioritization, and Organization. It shows employees why maintaining their focus, prioritizing their tasks, and getting organized are crucial to both being productive and reducing stress. And it teaches them the skills they need in order to put these time-tested principles into practice.

In an interactive, thought-provoking, and engaging way, Time Management 1, 2, 3 covers:

  •          A new take on multitasking
  •          Distractions and how to limit them
  •          Simple ways to get and stay organized
  •          Ways to fend off procrastination
  •          A wide range of practical tips for managing one’s time

It’s a must-have for anyone looking for ways to work smarter, accomplish more, and have less stress in their life!

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Multi-language versions available.

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Title Time Management 1, 2, 3
Program length 22 minutes