Edge Essentials Leadership Library

9-Part Series

The Edge Essentials Leadership Library has been designed as a complete, ready to use, stand-alone training solution.

Edge Essentials Leadership Library

The Edge Essentials Leadership Library has been designed as a complete, ready to use, stand-alone training solution. This series covers nine critical leadership competencies including performance management, coaching employees, problem solving and communicating effectively. Each program contains detailed instructor and participant materials and video modeling. Real-life business situations are depicted, providing participants with new techniques that can be applied to the business world and increasing skill level and improving performance.

No Excuses: Foundations for Accountability Ethics and Values is designed to give your leaders the tools they need to not only hold themselves to high standards but also influence their peers and the people they lead.

Master the Message: Communicating for Success Experience the communication process from various standpoints, including speaker, listener, and facilitator.

Conflict Resolution: The Skill That Makes The Difference is designed to help participants become better managers of conflict so that they can build productive relationships in the workplace.

Light The Fire: Leveraging Appraisals for Maximum Performance is designed to help students understand and practice how to write goals and objectives that are aligned with and effectively support their business unit and the company as a whole.

Coaching & Counseling: Maximizing Opportunities prepares and motivates participants to pass on their knowledge and skills to create a more productive workplace.

Problem Solving & Decision Making: Achieving Desired Results is designed to assist participants in exploring the best practices for problem solving & decision making.

Managing Change: The Complete Perspective is designed to teach participants how to effectively manage change.

Roadmaps: Creating Effective Written Action Plans outlines what a written action plan is, what is needed prior to creating an effective development plan and the steps to creating an effective action plan.

Leading the Way: Negotiating With Influence & Persuasion is designed to teach participants how to move people forward to a specific business outcome using influence and persuasion.

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